KIDS' SHIELD provides fun and educational cybersecurity games.

Help your kid to become a Cyber Hero.


KIDS’ SHIELD offers an innovative gaming platform for cyber security education. We bind creativity and intelligence to design interactive video games whose elements are security ingredients, such as security threats and the protective methods.

Our security games are designed for putting your kid's cyber defence knowledge to the test during simulated security risks and attacks. Our innovative gaming platform lets your kids enjoy playing games, and level up their cyber security knowledge. We believe security games enhance the understanding of children about online security, effectively.

CyberGuardians: PassX

Our highly anticipated game, PassX, is now available on the App Store and Google Play! We designed PassX to teach you how to make smart password! You will be able to pass the gates if you make a strong password, and back to the base if you remember it. The stronger password you make, the higher levels you reach until you receive a Cyber Guardians Badge!

Check out the video above to view a teaser of Cyber Guardians : PassX Our mobile game is available to play on Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms. 

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CyberGuardians: Scanners

In CyberGuardians: Scanners you play as a security bot in charge of filtering emails, texts, social media posts, and QR codes in order to keep their recipients safe from phishing scams. Test your ability to recognize various types of scams then capture and quarantine them before they have a chance to escape! 

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