KIDS' SHIELD provides an AI-based Anti Bully System

Ensure the safety and well-being of children through our cutting-edge Anti Bully System !

Guardian Sphere: An AI-based Anti Bully System

Guardian Sphere is Kids Shield’s Anti Bully System that uses advanced neural networks and machine learning to monitor and filter content in real-time.
This system operates discreetly in the background, ensuring a safe and positive online experience without disrupting the natural flow of conversation.
By addressing the unique challenges of different digital formats - texts, images, memes, and audio – this system creates a comprehensive shield against inappropriate and harmful material, making it an indispensable tool for modern digital parenting.

Our goal is to control cyberbullying by detecting it on various communication channels,
and to create a safe online environment for vulnerable groups



  • On an average, 20% to 40% of all teenagers have been mistreated online.
  • Over 60% of students who experience cyberbullying reported that it immensely impacted their ability to learn and feel safe while at school.
  • Targets of cyberbullying are at a greater risk than others of both
    self-harm and suicidal behaviors. 
  • Approximately 18% of cyberbullied youth report self-harming at least once.

Guardian Sphere features

  • Powered by artificial intelligence and large language models.
  • Can detect harmful content across 4 modalities: text, voice,
    image, and meme.
  • Performs in real-time.
  • Can be integrated into any communication channel.
  • Applicable to educational and mental health applications.

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