Kids' Shield is pioneering an innovative cybersecurity education through gaming technology.

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How we work.

KIDS’ SHIELD offers a comprehensive cybersecurity education program, including engaging games, to protect children andyouth from cyber threats. Our curriculum combines technology, artificial intelligence, engineering, and the arts for a well-rounded learning and
gaming experience.

Kids' Shield protects kids from cybercriminals

What we do.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive cyber security education developed in multiple levels from beginner to advanced, covering grade 1 to 8. We believe that the best way to fight online dangers is through Education, and that can start at any age. Kids’ Shield provides a global cyber security certification program designed to help kids understand the dangers that come with being online and the things they can do to protect themselves from cyber threats.

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Interactive Games

We bind creativity and intelligence to design interactive video games whose elements are security ingredients, such as security threats and the protective methods. Our security games are designed for putting your kid's cyber defence knowledge to the test during simulated security risks and attacks. Our innovative gaming platform lets your kids enjoy playing games, and level up their cyber security knowledge.

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AntiBully System

Our Multi-modal AI-based AntiBully System integrates seamlessly into chat environments, operates quietly in the background using neural networks and machine learning. It effectively filters content in texts, images, memes, and audio, ensuring that your child's digital conversations are free from harsh or inappropriate material. This behind-the-scenes guardian identifies and manages sensitive themes, promoting a healthy and positive online dialogue space for children.

Keep your kids safe online

Educate your kids about online safety. When it comes to cybersecurity, kids are often the most vulnerable target.

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